Automatic Test Cleanup in VS 2008

I’m working on switching from VS 2005 to VS 2008. I just tried running some unit tests and got the following dialog:


Hooray! I’ve been trying to figure out how to implement automatic test cleanup myself, but I (fortunately) hadn’t had time to devote serious effort to it. Up to this point, the TestResults directory would just continue to grow and grow until you either went in deleted the directory or ran an Ant target we have for ensuring any testing left-overs get mopped up.

One thought on “Automatic Test Cleanup in VS 2008

  1. Great example of a bug I can remember hearing people agonize over prior to shipping VS 2005 but it wasn’t a ship stopper and hoping success with VS 2005 would let us address it in VS 2008. Watching VS 2005 morph into VS 2008 has been a neat experience considering the amount of community support, feedback, etc. that accelerates the process. Thanks for the post!

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