New Depths of Printer Evil

I frequently say, only half-jokingly, that printers are evil. Actually I love my HP LaserJet 1320, but my Canon Pixma 620 is just plain E-V-I-L.

OK, pretty much any inkjet printer is devil-spawn, with the well-cited fact that printer ink is the most expensive liquid on the planet. Canon has taken the Pixma to a new level, though, because while it is a combination printer/scanner/fax, you can’t do anything useful if you’re out of ink. Notably, in spite of the fact that no bits need converting to atoms when scanning an image to your PC, you just can’t do it if you’re out of ink. All you get is a message on the display stating, “The following ink has run out. Replace the ink tank.”

Yeah, the printer/scanner is pretty good when you’re willing to open a vein to fill the ink, but disabling non-ink functions by fiat is just infuriating.

One thought on “New Depths of Printer Evil

  1. I’m with you on this one. They are plain evil. I arrived in Kona this time to find that as usual the #78 color cartridge on my hp officejet v40xi had dried out even though I know there was a lot of ink left in it. After several attempts to clean the nozzles I gave up and decided I would have it refilled using Costco’s new service. Sure enough they refilled it for $10 but when I installed it the printer would often not print complete pages. It would print part of the page and then give me an error message and stop printing. The error message was very helpful: “This page failed to print”. Somehow I already knew that. Sometimes after such a failure if I just tried immediately to print again it would work perfectly. Also if I turned the printer off and then back on just before I tried to print it would work. After going through a lot of paper and ink I began to wonder if hp had inserted an anti Costco feature in the printer and that it had recognized I had refilled the cartridge at Costco and was playing with me. So, I went out and bought a new genuine hp #78 cartridge at their ridiculous price and sure enough it made absolutely no difference. In the process of all this I could not help but notice that I could buy a new all-in-one machine from hp for only a little more than the cost of a new #78 cartridge. I didn’t do it but I thought how nutty this whole thing is. Anyway, for the time being I can print on Evie’s printer through the network although I don’t see that as being a permanent solution.

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