UI Horror: No-Paste Password Fields

Sure, it makes sense to disallow copying passwords from a password field, but disabling pasting is just being annoying.

News flash for developers doing this (such as Intuit, in TurboTax): I’m not thrilled about manually typing my 20 character random password. Just let me copy it from my password vault and paste it into your field.

In the case of TurboTax, it diminishes the value of data import if I have to type more characters for my password than there are numbers on the form to input.

TurboTax's castrated password field

4 thoughts on “UI Horror: No-Paste Password Fields

  1. Totally agreed! Its a horror issue… and a big UI annoyance… for some reason its only in Chrome while using “peperflash ” version of Flash Plugin

    Dunno is it a bug or someone tryin’ to be smart…

  2. Another person pissed right off about this. In 2013 I’m at least able to paste my password for logging in, but when I attempted to update my password to something more secure, I found I could not paste into the field to verify my new password. I’m not very familiar with javascript at all so I wound up spending nearly 2 evenings trying to find a workaround. The ‘Right to Click’ firefox extension will, with the right options enabled allow you to paste into the verifypassword box, however this also triggers something that disables the save button.

    This is not only hostile to users, but dangerous for them as well. I’m not going to type in a 20 character, special symbols, whiz bang password. Hell, my password generator spits out characters that I often have no idea how to produce with a keyboard. Even if I could, now I’m vulnerable to keyloggers? If that’s the case there’s little incentive to come up with anything better than a dict word followed by 123.

    The best part is you can’t even disable or delete your account with them. Actually the best part was when, for s____ and giggles I typed in “intuit.com” into the new password field and their validator script congratulated me for coming up with a good password. Idiots.

    The only way I found is go to appcenter.intuit.com and log in there with your turbotax credentials. I have no idea what appcenter even does but it allows you to modify your account details from there as well. Additionally, the appcenter password updater DOES allow paste for both the new pwd field and the verify pwd field, so try that when it comes time to actually update your password.

  3. Still true with Intuit login for Quicken version 2014. Hate these folks so much. Last time I complained Quicken no longer allowed me to even use passwords longer than 8 characters for a specific brokerage account when my previous password had been 15 characters. Of course, the fact I couldn’t paste the passwords was just a wonderful bonus!

    The tech guy just said, he couldn’t help me and I should get Quicken 2017.

    F U, Intuit.

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