UI Horror: Windows 8 BSOD

My PC is sad. I know this because of the frowny face. Unfortunately, I know not much more, because my PC won’t boot, and Microsoft decided to provide as little information about the error as possible on their new BSOD screen.

Hmm… scary (but potentially useful) hexidecimal-laden error messages or cute emoticon?

Thanks for that.


2 thoughts on “UI Horror: Windows 8 BSOD

  1. Eric,
    Sorry to hijack your sad PC thread; but I found a post you made over on a MSDN site and thought I’d risk a stab in the dark here. Delete this comment and ignore me if you find it in appropriate.

    I’ve sent the following image over to Logitec’s idea submission – and never hear back from them (on many occasions in fact). If you think these keyboards are worthy, maybe you could send them to someone internally?

    Again, sorry for this intrusion. Delete as needed.

    • Hi Dave,

      I don’t have any contacts in the group that does keyboards, unfortunately, so I’m afraid I can’t be much help. Good luck pursuing your ideas though.

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