git-flow with Cmder

“Git Flow” is a branching model using the Git version control system. There is also a set of extensions for Git that make using Git Flow easier, but there aren’t installation instructions specifically for use with the excellent cmder Windows shell replacement. Here’s how to do it…

Update 25 Aug 2016: New paths for Git for Windows (previously MSysGit)

These instructions are basically the same as for Git for Windows (previously MSysGit), but tweaked slightly.

  1. Download the util-linux zip file and extract getopt.exe into the Git for Windows bin directory under cmder. For example: C:\tools\cmder\vendor\git-for-windows\bin
  2. Download the dependencies zip file and extract the two DLLs in ‘bin’ to the same place
  3. Clone the gitflow repo:
    λ git clone --recursive git://
  4. Run the install script, specifying the right directory (notice that ‘bin’ is not included):
    λ gitflow\contrib\msysgit-install.cmd C:\tools\cmder\vendor\git-for-windows

After that, you should be able to use the various git flow commands. Try
λ git flow -h
for a sanity check.

4 thoughts on “git-flow with Cmder

  1. Hi,

    When running the last command I have the reply:

    MsysGit installation directory not found.
    Try to give the directory name on the command line:
    gitflow\contrib\msysgit-install.cmd “C:\Program Files\Git”

    Do you have any ideas?

  2. Be sure that you’re specifying the right path for the second part of the command. I have my Cmder installed at that location, but it might be different on your machine.

  3. For future readers I had to use the windows cmd installer and then everything worked well in cmder. So “./msysgit-install.cmd C:\Users\Corey\cmder\vendor\msysgit\bin”

    Thanks for the post, it helped a bunch.

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