Speaking of Mice… Good vs. Evil

I finally had to throw the shiny white excuse for a mouse into the drawer and pull out a trusty VX Nano. The Apple mouse suffers from the form over function malady: it is apparently too damaging to the aesthetic to actually have separate left and right buttons. Instead the mouse intuits which you want by how far to the left or right you press your fingers. Unfortunately, it didn’t work too well and I kept getting left-clicks when I wanted right. That, and the fact that at the highest sensitivity I still needed way too much desk space to maneuver across the screen led to its replacement.

Ten Lessons Learned Assembling a PC

I spent some of my Christmas vacation upgrading the hardware on my PC. I’ve been suspicious that there was something wrong with my old motherboard, so I decided to get a new one. And when you’re getting a new motherboard, you might as well get a new CPU and new RAM. And since I was getting a new motherboard, it ought to have PCI-Express, so that meant a new graphics card as well. I’ve been through this process a few times now, so I thought I’d try to collect some of the wisdom I’ve acquired by doing it. There are lots of people who are more expert at system building than myself, but maybe I can save someone from a special class of boneheaded mistakes: those I’ve made myself. Continue reading

Dell Axim X50v in a Palm User’s Hands

It seems like Microsoft’s typical entry into a market goes something like this. It sees an interesting market built up by someone else, and releases a product in that space. The product is crap compared to the existing market leader. Microsoft revs the product a few times until it is competitive, and uses whatever means available to push it. Then, they release something that is actually good, the former market leader starts to crumble, and Microsoft dominates. Then, Microsoft, having won the war, lets their product rot. Examples? Visual Studio over Borland development tools (though Java has spurred competition again), Internet Explorer over Netscape, Office over WordPerfect, etc. Continue reading