UI Horror: Windows 8 BSOD

My PC is sad. I know this because of the frowny face. Unfortunately, I know not much more, because my PC won’t boot, and Microsoft decided to provide as little information about the error as possible on their new BSOD screen.

Hmm… scary (but potentially useful) hexidecimal-laden error messages or cute emoticon?

Thanks for that.


The Holiday Amazon Box Problem

By the time Christmas comes around, our house is usually awash with boxes from Amazon. It gets a bit tricky at that point, because I’m never sure if the box is something I ordered to give to my family, or something someone else sent me as a gift. In the former case, I’ll want to wrap it and put it under the tree. In the latter, a lot of times my wife will wrap it on behalf of the giver so it can still be a surprise Christmas morning. The problem is telling them apart.

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