UI Horror: Windows 8 BSOD

My PC is sad. I know this because of the frowny face. Unfortunately, I know not much more, because my PC won’t boot, and Microsoft decided to provide as little information about the error as possible on their new BSOD screen.

Hmm… scary (but potentially useful) hexidecimal-laden error messages or cute emoticon?

Thanks for that.


Amazon Glacier and CloudBerry Online Backup

checkbox-0 Offsite backup for critical files

This task has been lingering undone on my to-do list for months. I imagined that I’d figure out some way to use Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive, or something to keep my data safe in case something catastrophic happened at the house. All those solutions seem so expensive, though. When Amazon Web Services announced Amazon Glacier not long ago, with storage rates at 1 cent per gigabyte per month, I figured I’d found my storage location, but it is just an API. Finding CloudBerry Backup completed the solution.

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MessageBox: Just Say Nein

The Windows MessageBox is really convenient to use. A single line of code gets you a dialog box with a caption, a message, an icon and a set of available buttons that cover a lot of possible input scenarios. Unfortunately, the text on the buttons is supplied by the system, so if you’re building an application that is intended to be localized, you invariably end up with something that looks like a bug.

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