InspectionPrinter - Prepare source code for inspection

InspectionPrinter - Prepare source code for inspection

InspectionPrinter is a utility to help get source code ready for a formal inspection.


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Version 1.1.2326.36040
15 May 2006
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Inspection Printer depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which can be obtained through Windows Update.

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Note for Firefox users: Microsoft's ClickOnce technology may require an add-on to work (such as the Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant add-on).

If you have a previous version that was installed through a normal Windows Installer setup script, you can uninstall that version

About Inspection Printer

Inspection Printer is a utility to help get source code ready for a formal inspection. Despite its name, Inspection Printer doesn't actually print anything. Instead, it creates a PDF file that can be sent to reviewers. The PDF contains a cover sheet, a table of contents, and source files with monochrome syntax highlighting. Highlighting is supported for C++, C# and Java. Here is a sample output file: sample.pdf

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Change History

15 May 2006 - Version 1.1.2326.36040

22 Sep 2005 - Version 1.1.0



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