My Best Side Project

After a few years working on it, I can say that the "magic mirror" I built with my son has been the best for-fun side project I've ever done. When I was describing the idea, my wife was hesitant about letting me hang it on the wall -- mostly due to …

Notable for Note Taking

I recently started using Notable for my software development notes. It is an Electron app that lets you write your notes as Markdown. It is a little light on features currently, but that can be a good thing.


OneNote Screenshot

I've used Microsoft OneNote for a long time. There are a …

Eric's Toolset

These are some of my favorite software utilities for development and life in general. Everything listed here is free.


PyCharm Community Edition (JetBrains) - A feature-rich IDE and debugger for Python built on the IntelliJ platform, with the free community edition having arrived in 2013.


Notepad2 (Florian Balmer) - This …

Clean HTML from Microsoft Word: Rube Goldberg Method

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to save nice clean HTML from Microsoft Word? Here's a way that is only slightly convoluted.

If you use the "Web Page, Filtered" option from Word, you get buried in piles of CSS cruft, but as noted here, you can use the Publish …

Alert Camera Gadget


Download Gadget
Version 0.8.0 (beta)
26 Sep 2012
Around 74 KB

The Alert Camera Gadget lets you keep an eye on your Logitech Alert cameras by rotating through snapshots (still images) from all the cameras associated with your account. This gadget is not provided by or supported …

Cipher Suite for webOS

My son turns 14 this month, but we still have bedtime stories. Currently, the bedtime story is Simon Singh's The Code Book. While reading the description of the Vigenére cipher, I started to think about how I'd code up an implementation, and that led to my first webOS application. Cipher …

Cipher Suite - Classic ciphers for webOS


Cipher Suite is now available in the official Palm App Catalog.

Photo Drag 'n Shrink - Quick photo resizer for Windows

Photo Drag 'n Shrink makes it easy to resize images so that they take up less space and can be transferred quicker.


Version 1.0
11 Nov 2009
Around 49 KB

This application depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which can be obtained through Windows …

Coming Up Gadget - A Windows Desktop Gadget


Download Gadget
Version 0.9.3
08 Jun 2010
Around 20 KB

Coming Up Gadget is a reminder tool for upcoming events for Windows Vista or Windows 7. It retrieves events either from Microsoft Outlook or a Google Calendar account (including Google Apps). Coming Up is intended to remind …

InspectionPrinter - Prepare source code for inspection

InspectionPrinter is a utility to help get source code ready for a formal inspection.


Install via "ClickOnce"
Version 1.1.2326.36040
15 May 2006
Around 1.7 MB

Inspection Printer depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which can be obtained through Windows Update.

Note: Installing the …