Alert Camera Gadget

Alert Camera Gadget

A Windows Gadget for Logitech Alert


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Version 0.8.0 (beta)
26 Sep 2012
Around 74 KB

The Alert Camera Gadget lets you keep an eye on your Logitech Alert cameras by rotating through snapshots (still images) from all the cameras associated with your account. This gadget is not provided by or supported by Logitech in any way.

0.8.0 (26 Sep 2012)

0.7.0 (25 Sep 2012)

0.6.0 (14 Apr 2012)

0.5.0 (17 Jan 2012)

Screen Shot


  1. Open AlertCamera.gadget
  2. It will ask if you want to install it -- choose "Install"
  3. The gadget will appear on your desktop
  4. Hover your mouse over the gadget and click the little wrench icon that appears
  5. Log in to your Logitech Alert account
  6. After a few moments, snapshots will appear from your cameras, cycling through all associated with that account


If you get an "unspecified error" message when trying to install, you might need to "unblock" the .gadget file. Right click on the downloaded file and choose "Properties", and there'll be a place near the bottom of the dialog to unblock it.

If the gadget isn't working, you can run a little program called DebugView from Microsoft that will allow you to see the gadget's log messages. If you find a bug, please email your logs to me to have a look.