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Three Suggestions for the Android Calendar App

1. Two reminders

I want a reminder at the specified reminder time, and another one at the appointment start time. This is how it typically goes for me:

PHONE: Ding!\ ME: Oh yeah, I've got that meeting in 10 minutes. Let me just finish this little bit of code in …

Google Voice Search Multiple Personality Disorder

I was using my Galaxy Nexus for some turn-by-turn navigation today and it was an odd experience. Half the instructions spoken by the Navigation app were in a typical synthesized voice, while the other half were in a chipper, natural sounding voice.

"In five hundred feet, turn right. Then YOUR …

I want my webOS

It's become fairly clear that HP is not webOS' savior. It's also unlikely that webOS can come back from the dead for the second time. But it makes me sad, since webOS and its devices hit a sweet spot that no one managed to exploit.

The currently winning smartphone platforms …

Sprint Makes Me Laugh

I got this flyer from Sprint. I wonder if they wrote that "protecting more than ever before" with a straight face or what.

Protecting more than ever before

New program? \$1 more!

Succumbing to the Smartphone Siren

So shortly after crowing about how cheaply I was getting cell phone service, I've sailed headlong into the rocks of an \$80 a month smart phone plan. In spite of all the Android buzz of late, I went with the Palm Pre.

As I've posted before, I used to be …

Them Newfangled Cellphone Things

I have to admit to being a bit of a Luddite when it comes to cell phones. In spite of being in the generally gadget-friendly demographic of software engineers, and someone who bought the very first Palm Pilot model within days of its launch, I've not yet owned a cell …