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File System Monitoring

At times it is useful to keep tabs on what is happening (or has happened) in the file system. This is a brief overview of all the ways I know of to track activity on a Windows file system.


Scanning is the brute-force approach to knowing what is happening …

Packing and Alignment

I've made some effort to understand the differences between the Struct Member Alignment compiler option /Zp, #pragma pack and __declspec(align()) with Microsoft Visual C++ in light of an odd bug that ultimately was caused by inconsistent packing options between compilation units.

/Zp and #pragma pack are equivalent, but /Zp …

.NET Context Menu Handler

I've been working on a context menu handler shell extension in C# lately. There are a few samples that people have produced on the web (for example, The Code Project,, and I've found a better way of implementing IShellExtInit.Initialize than in the examples I've seen …