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SQLAlchemy with Python 64-bit on Windows

While hooking up SQLAlchemy for a web project, I kept running into attribute errors for 'session_registry'. I figured I was doing something wrong, so I thought I'd just walk through the tutorial as a sanity check.

I was, apparently, insane.

>>> u = session.query(User).filter_by(name='ed').first …

I can't figure this one out...

It is true that I'm a fan of Orson Scott Card -- Ender's Game is one of my favorite books. The relationship to professional wrestling generated by Amazon's recommendation engine is... puzzling.

Customers interested in Orson Scott Card should be interested in WWE

Handy Tax Tip

Kind of off-topic for this blog, but since it is tax day, I thought I'd share this handy tax tip that I found at the IRS website in a document titled "How long should I keep records?"

For all of you folks out there that file fraudulent returns -- if you …

Sprint Makes Me Laugh

I got this flyer from Sprint. I wonder if they wrote that "protecting more than ever before" with a straight face or what.

Protecting more than ever before

New program? \$1 more!