Work Plan Editor - Maintain your personal schedule

Install via "ClickOnce" Version 3.0.2641.36770 25 Mar 2007 Around 300 KB

Work Plan Editor depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, which can be obtained through Windows Update.

Note: Installing the software means that you agree to the license.

Note for ** Firefox ** users: You may need …

Work Plan Editor Release

A few years ago I got really frustrated trying to maintain a schedule for my current development assignment. I personally think that having a schedule, or work plan, is a very good thing. But it was too painful to maintain one, so I started writing a tool that would help …

ByChance - An experiment with randomness


21 Sep 2005
84 KB

ByChance depends on the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1, which can be obtained through Windows Update.


ByChance is an experiment brought about after considering the effect of randomness in biological evolution. For more background, please see …

By Chance - Can Order Come Out of Randomness?

A few years ago I was reading some books about biological evolution. At some point, probably reading something by Richard Dawkins, I was thinking about randomness and its ability to produce apparently non-random things. All you need is a little pressure that selects one random thing over another. So I …

DeskMinder Release

I wrote DeskMinder as a Christmas gift for my family and friends. It originated as just a bit of HTML and JavaScript as an Active Desktop component for reminding me when special occasions were drawing near, like family members' birthdays and anniversaries. To make it easier to customize the events …

InspectionPrinter Initial Release

I've released the first version of my InspectionPrinter utility. We have been renewing our efforts to do more formal code inspections at NextPage recently, which finally motivated me to finish this thing off, having originally started it nearly two years ago. It can be downloaded from the software section.

The …